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Triangle Residents Take on Boston Harbor

Published by Zoe Campbell on

Next to an expansive, grassy park in East Boston, with breathtaking views of the Boston skyline in the background, Triangle, Inc. program participants geared up nearly every Saturday this past summer, rain or shine, to take on Boston Harbor, thanks to Piers Park Sailing Center’s Adaptive Sailing program.

Piers Park Sailing Center is a non-profit community sailing center dedicated to providing accessible sailing and marine science opportunities to people of all abilities and ages. Founded in 1998, Piers Park prides itself on having docks and a building that are 100% ADA compliant at all points of the tide cycle. In the words of Piers Park’s Executive Director, Alex DeFronzo, “It is a venue to make Boston Harbor and sailing generally more equitable and accessible.”

Their Adaptive Sailing program has served over 1,000 people with disabilities since its inception. Piers Park’s founders saw sailing as a way for the public to enjoy Boston Harbor, regardless of financial status or ability. Alex emphasized that this mission continues today: “You don’t need gas, you don’t need money, you just need the desire to learn and accept that mother nature is in charge when you’re out on the ocean.” This spirit of inclusivity and equity extends onto the water. Piers Park can adapt the sailing experience to each individual’s needs, but at the end of the day, everyone contributes equally in the boats.

This year, Triangle and Piers Park embarked on a new adventure together. Triangle’s CEO, Coleman Nee, who also serves on the board of Piers Park Sailing Center, had the idea to partner up to bring a new education platform and therapeutic group to Triangle residents through a six week sailing program. Participants were able to go out every Saturday to learn basic sailing and water safety skills, concluding with a graduation ceremony to celebrate the completion of the program. The first program was so successful that we were able to offer a second one later in the summer, which just finished this month! Despite the cooler weather, the graduation was a great celebration of six weeks of hard work.

Encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle is a priority in our residential homes. Triangle’s residential staff members go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is getting opportunities to be out in the community, enjoying New England’s beauty. Ensuring that the individuals who live in our homes are empowered and feel supported enough to take risks in the community is crucial to Triangle’s mission. Piers Park Sailing Center allows Triangle program participants to enjoy fun-filled days of sailing in Boston Harbor in a safe, inclusive atmosphere, and we can’t wait to work with them again next spring!

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