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What is Pre-ETS (Pre-Employment Transition Services)?

Pre-Employment Transition Services are meant to provide awareness, exploration, and preparation for students, readying them for adult life.

This is done by providing training across five components:


Work Readiness Training, which is focused on building soft skills (transferable, foundational skills) that are important for success in any job.

Job Exploration Counseling, which is focused on helping students determine what they may want to do for work based off their interest, skillset, experience, and preferred environment while considering qualifications and the labor market. Triangle will offer an 8-week training series as well as monthly Virtual Job Shadow explorations. Look for monthly emails describing the field that will be examined as well as how to sign up.

Self-Advocacy Training, which is focused on student empowerment, and is designed to help students find their voice, gain independence, and learn what it means to be a strong self-advocate, along with taking responsibility for their choices.

Counseling in Post-Secondary Education, which is focused on providing awareness and exposure on higher education options, as well as on the transition from high school to higher education and the important differences between each. Triangle also offers a training series focused on building soft skills necessary for success in higher education.

Work-Based Learning Experiences, which are designed to allow students to practice soft skills in a work setting putting their Work Readiness Skills to the test. These experiences also allow students to experience different vocations identified in Job Exploration Counseling. Triangle does this by hosting events whether in person or remote and providing opportunities such as job shadows, company tours, “day in the life” experiences, volunteer days, and even paid internships. Currently due to Covid-19, Triangle is providing remote experiences on a monthly basis. Emails describing the event and with instruction on how to sign up will be sent in advance.

Who is eligible for Pre-ETS?

Any student between the ages of 14-21 (up until their 22nd birthdate) with a documented disability, who is enrolled in high school or post-secondary education.

What documents are needed to participate in Pre-ETS?


Corey Grant – click to email
Director of Workforce Development

Phone: 339-666-4067

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