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Residential Services

Quality of life begins at home. Triangle, Inc. supports people to live in the communities they choose and maintain their valued relationships while building new ones. Dignity, independence, community integration, health, and safety are at the core of our residential services.

Group Residences

Triangle, Inc. has ten community residences in Metro North and North Shore neighborhoods. Individuals pursue their goals every day under the guidance of 24-hour staff. Supports are designed around each person’s level of independence and personal priorities, balancing companionship with privacy.

Compassion & Support

Since residents’ needs and desires evolve over time, Triangle, Inc.’s support is flexible and responsive, including:

  • Routine medical care and follow-up
  • Medication monitoring, administration and supervision
  • Assistance with home care, maintenance, and the details of daily living
  • Comprehensive human rights training
  • Support with personal care
  • Nutritional guidance and cooking skills
  • Help pursuing opportunities for personal growth
  • Assistance with money management
  • Development of skills for independence and safety

Community Involvement

Triangle, Inc. encourages individuals to be active and productive members of the community. Our staff and Home Providers facilitate participation in clubs, organizations or events that interest each person. Residents are currently involved in a wide variety of community activities, including:

  • Religious and spiritual congregations
  • Volunteer work
  • Tap lessons, art classes, and piano lessons
  • Senior center and YMCA classes
  • Swimming
  • Musical theater and shows
  • Softball and bowling leagues
  • Crafting
  • Shopping and flea market outings
  • Community employment
  • Red Sox and other sporting events
  • Car shows

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact:
Drew Warren, Chief Program Officer
450 Broadway
Malden, MA 02148
Phone: 781.388.4308
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