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Meet our 2020 Ability Award Winner!

Every year at Celebrate: Triangle, Inc.’s Annual Awards Ceremony and Fundraiser, we honor a Triangle, Inc. program participant who embodies our mission and perseveres against all odds. This year, we are honoring Bruce P., a program participant at Triangle’s Pearl Street location. In the previous weeks we’ve been posting blogs highlighting this year’s honorees, who will be recognized at this year’s event at the JFK Library and Museum on April 15. Event tickets and sponsorship information are available here.

Bruce started attending Triangle, Inc. day programming on December 4, 2014. When he first began at Triangle, Bruce kept to himself and was not interested in participating in daily activities and outings. Bruce’s goal was finding the right job, and he worked with Employment Specialists over the years on the hunt for an opportunity. Matt Selinger, Bruce’s primary Employment Specialist since March 2019, met with Bruce weekly to help apply for local job opportunities.

Bruce wanted to work 9am-12pm with no weekends, which made it difficult to find the perfect position. In June 2019, when a lead for a role at Five Guys came up, Matt thought this would be a great opportunity for Bruce. The only catch was that the position involved working weekends. When Matt first presented the job to Bruce at a weekly meeting, Bruce initially declined, but Matt urged him to sleep on it. The next day, Bruce had come around to the idea and decided that he would work Sundays but not Saturdays. At his interview with Five Guys a few weeks later, Bruce did a great job and impressed the Five Guys staff. During the interview, Susan, Bruce’s supervisor, asked if he could work Friday afternoons. Bruce agreed, and he was hired on the spot to work in the lobby on Friday and Sunday afternoons. His daily responsibilities include greeting customers, cleaning tables, sweeping up crumbs, and keeping the floor, windows, and doors clean.

Five Guys scheduled Bruce to work his first shift in July 2019. Despite not working competitively since 2005, Bruce picked everything up quickly. His supervisor only needed to show him what to do once and he quickly followed suit. He efficiently moved from one task to the next without needing any prompts. Every time Matt speaks with Bruce’s supervisor, she always mentions how Bruce does everything without being asked and describes him as a “self-starter.” Five Guys has random store visitors from their corporate offices who grade the store based on customer experience. Since Bruce has started, they have consistently received great scores on the secret shop due to his excellent attitude and hard work. When a store gets a strong grade, everyone working in the store gets a bonus. Thanks in part to Bruce’s efforts, he and his coworkers have earned a bonus on their paychecks!

Since he started working at Five Guys, Triangle staff members have noticed a huge change in Bruce’s attitude around day programing as well. He is participating in group activities and socializing more with his peers. He loves being part of the Triangle “Breakfast Club,” which meets monthly to try new breakfast spots around Malden. Bruce has been saving money from his paychecks to buy a new, nice TV to put in his bedroom. Bruce is excited and proud about winning the Ability Award, and in his words, “I can’t believe I did it!”

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Meet our 2020 Stan Black Business Leader of the Year!

Every year at Celebrate: Triangle, Inc.’s Annual Awards Ceremony and Fundraiser, we honor a loyal partner with the Stan Black Business Leader of the Year Award. This year, we will be recognizing Brookline Bancorp President and CEO Paul Perrault for the company’s steadfast dedication to their Triangle and its mission of supporting people with disabilities. In the previous weeks we’ve been posting blogs highlighting this year’s honorees, who will be recognized at this year’s event at the JFK Library and Museum.  Event tickets and sponsorship information are available here.

Brookline Bancorp., Inc. has been a longtime supporter of Triangle, Inc. As a leader in commercially focused banking solutions and as Triangle’s bank for more than a decade, the company has been a crucial partner to the organization as it has grown and evolved. The bank consistently sponsors Celebrate: Triangle’s Annual Awards Ceremony & Fundraiser and the Annual Golf Classic. The Brookline Bank Foundation has provided critical support to various Triangle workforce development initiatives in the Malden, Medford, and Everett communities. Their support of Triangle’s Career Pathways programming has enabled people with disabilities to obtain versatile professional skills.  In addition, Triangle has had tremendous amount of support from the Brookline Bancorp Chief Risk Officer, General Counsel, and Secretary, Mike McCurdy, who has served on the Triangle Board of Directors since 2010 including a two-year term as President of the Board from 2016-2018.

As President and CEO of Brookline Bancorp, Paul Perrault’s leadership has extended the company’s best in class banking services to all organizations, including non-profits and organizations serving people with disabilities. For several years, Brookline Bank has worked with Triangle to find financial banking solutions as the organization expanded its impact to reach more than 4,000 individuals annually. Additionally, Paul serves on the Board of Trustees at the Perkins School for the Blind and is a proud father of a Perkins School graduate.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Brookline Bancorp is the holding company for Brookline Bank and Bank Rhode Island. The banks offer a wide range of commercial, business, and retail banking services. The company was founded in 1871 and currently operates 51 full-service banking offices in Greater Boston. In late 2019 Brookline Bancorp became the first financial organization in the Northeast to provide free service with Aira Access Network to blind and low-vision employees and customers at any location and online. This dedication to accessibility has opened the door for individuals to access their bank accounts independently!

Please stay tuned to our email newsletter, ConnectAbility, and our social media channels as we announce our other honorees.

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