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Meet our 2019 Public Servant of the Year!

This month, leading up to our Annual Celebration in May, we’ll be featuring the recipients of each of our awards on our blog! You can stay up-to-date by checking in every Wednesday.

Every year at Triangle, Inc.’s Annual Awards Ceremony and Fundraiser, we honor a public servant that uses his/her voice to advocate on behalf of people with disabilities. As an organization devoted to improving the lives of the people we serve, our work wouldn’t be possible without steadfast support on Beacon Hill. This year, Triangle has elected to honor the Honorable Robert DeLeo, Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, as the 2019 Public Servant of the Year.

Triangle recognizes Speaker DeLeo’s tireless work advocating for people with disabilities in his role in the Statehouse. Representing the 20th Suffolk District, comprised of Revere and Winthrop, since 1990, and serving as Speaker of the House since 2009, Speaker DeLeo has pushed numerous pieces of legislation directly impacting the community Triangle serves. After only three months in legislature, Speaker DeLeo fought to protect funding for special education. As his first legislative priority after being sworn into office, he made clear that he saw the value in protecting and enhancing services for people with disabilities. This has continued over the almost three decades that he has served, including the past ten years that he has presided over the House. Even during the 2008 recession, he made maintaining funding for people with disabilities a priority, despite a tight statewide budget. More recently, Speaker DeLeo backed the Real Lives bill, passed in 2014, which allowed for people with disabilities to create their own service plan to best fit their specific needs. As a result of his tireless work over 28 years representing our constituents, Triangle is honored to award him with the 2019 Public Servant of the Year Award.

Join us on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum for Celebrate: Triangle’s 48th Annual Awards Ceremony and Fundraiser. Click here for tickets and sponsorship information!

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Valentine’s Day at Triangle

As a holiday devoted to love, relationships, and elaborate displays of affection, Valentine’s Day elicits strong feelings in many. Decried by some as “Singles Awareness Day” or as an occasion concocted solely to sell teddy bears and chocolate, today’s holiday is often dismissed or dreaded by its detractors. Others seize the day and see it as an opportunity to give over-the-top gifts, post heartfelt messages on social media, and go on extravagant dates. No matter what you might think of Valentine’s Day, at its core, it is a holiday to celebrate relationships of all types. Today, amidst the chocolate and flowers, it’s important to reflect on what makes a healthy relationship beyond what is visible to the outside world.

What constitutes a healthy relationship? IMPACT Boston, a program of Triangle, addresses this topic in a variety of ways. IMPACT offers self-defense classes and customized workshops that touch on abuse prevention, assertive communication, and conflict de-escalation for a wide variety of communities. The unfortunate reality is that people with intellectual disabilities are sexually assaulted at 7 times the rate of people without disabilities. This led IMPACT to partner with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2010 to develop a self-defense curriculum specifically designed for people with intellectual disabilities, called IMPACT:Ability. IMPACT:Ability is taught in schools across the greater Boston area, in addition to program participants at Triangle, reaching approximately 1,000 people per year. This education includes a wide array of different topics, ranging from boundary setting, self-advocacy, role playing, and a deep dive into healthy relationships. IMPACT’s team stresses that everyone deserves to be safe, healthy, and feel strong.

It is crucial for people of all abilities to know what a healthy relationship looks like. Knowing how to recognize when someone isn’t treating you correctly is an important way to protect yourself. Respect, balance, communication, trust, and independence are all building blocks to maintaining good relationships, whether they are romantic, friendly, or familial. Valentine’s Day serves as a perfect reminder to enjoy the relationships around you and appreciate what makes them healthy!

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