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A Guardian’s Story

This November, leading up to #GivingTuesday, we are highlighting different aspects of our residential program. This week, we caught up with Maria, a guardian and sister of an individual who lives in a Triangle residence and also attends Triangle Day programming. She gave us an update on how things have been going from her perspective.

During the pandemic, Triangle leadership, management, and staff have proactively provided communication to keep families informed. From the beginning, there have been regular Family/Guardian conference calls that have demonstrated the care being taken by Triangle to adhere to the state’s polices and guidelines. The day program staff members send regular emails and updates with details of virtual offerings. On the residential side, the house manager and residential staff members send photos and updates on what is happening. It has been amazing in all areas. Special thanks to Triangle staff members Drew Warren, Melissa Strout, Terry Sawtelle, Ese Edoleyi, Brittany Mendez, Michaela Caldeira, and Raymond Lamonthe.

In the earlier days of the pandemic, Easter Sunday was the first holiday that my brother John could not come home to be with family. The Triangle residential staff made it a very special day. A most elaborate dinner was planned, and the dining room table looked beautiful. A special movie viewing was organized. John’s description of the wonderful day, the delicious food, and the fun was so enthusiastic – it was indeed a special day. John said that Alanna is a GREAT cook, and she even made manicotti!

The virtual day program offerings have been of the highest quality. Special thanks to Brittany Mendez and Michaela Caldeira. With three individuals at the residence participating in the virtual programs and sharing a single device, it was a bit crowded at first. Residential house manager Ese Edoleyi worked to secure tablets so that individuals could fully view and participate in the programs. My brother was thrilled to have his own tablet! It certainly increased his engagement tremendously. This was a wonderful example of the collaboration of Day Program staff, Residential Program staff, the individual, and the family. Everyone working together!

Giving Tuesday is December 1! Support a home, not a house and make a donation to Triangle, Inc.’s residential program!

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Meet our Heroes Behind the Mask!

This month we’ve been highlighting our residential workers who have gone above and beyond on our social media. We want to show you who these heroes are behind the mask!

Frank from our residence on Lawrence Street enjoyed having the opportunity to help out our program participants. He wanted to be there for them since they are like part of his family now. When he wasn’t spending his time at the house, he was watching movies at home!

As a kid, Ricardo always wanted to help people. He knew that despite people being afraid when the pandemic began, he was ready to help to the best of his abilities. He saw it as a test of his character and gave 150% to serve the Triangle residents. When Ricardo wasn’t at the house he saw it as an opportunity to really connect with his family and catch up on Netflix.

Osa was motivated by doing his part to make a difference and help put a smile on the residents faces. He knew he could help and wanted to support the people that he works with. He spent time with his daughter, playing hide and seek and catch.

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