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From Goals To Reality: Andy’s Journey With Prism

Triangle, Inc.’s Prism Program stands as a place of support and growth for autistic transition-aged adults. This program supports its members with personal and professional growth through a combination of one-to-one and group learning sessions. These sessions are tailored to each member’s individualized plans, such as employment, independent living, and other social opportunities. Today, we’re highlighting Andy, a member who has found success with the help of the Prism Program. Andy was introduced to Read more…

Triangle, Inc. Launches Inaugural Technology Basics Course

In an effort to enhance the technology skills and professional development of its participants, Triangle, Inc. proudly launched its inaugural Technology Basics course in October and November of 2023. This 7-week program was hosted at the Malden Day Program site where Charles Warren (Charlie), Triangle’s Curriculum Developer, aimed to equip participants with fundamental knowledge of computer and technology components, as well as to build essential skills for navigating the digital landscape. Seven participants completed Read more…

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