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Become an Employer

We believe partnership is essential.

Triangle, Inc. is connected with employers who see the potential of our participants and give them the opportunity to showcase their ability. As a partner of Triangle, Inc., your company has the opportunity to promote inclusion and work with people of all abilities.

Triangle, Inc.’s services ensure alignment between qualified candidates and your unique business needs. Triangle, Inc. job candidates have developed employment skills and are prepared for a wide array of jobs. The organization’s team has worked in a variety of industries, including: office support services, hospitality, medical device packaging, environmental services, product assembly, retail, and many more. Triangle, Inc. is eager to partner with you to find cost-efficient and effective staffing solutions to meet your needs.

Supported Employment

Triangle, Inc. works with employers to identify urgent and ongoing business needs that could be met with a team of qualified Triangle, Inc. workers. Our teams are led by Triangle, Inc. employment specialists at no cost to the employer, who ensure that the job is completed in a professional and timely manner. Supported Employment teams are also ideal for businesses with seasonal or contract-based employment needs. Our flexible structure offers you a wide array of unique benefits that are:

  • Consistent
  • Convenient
  • Cost-Effective
  • Structured

Individual Employment

Not all organizational needs and capabilities are the same. Therefore, Triangle, Inc. provides candidates to your team who are ready to work independently alongside the rest of your workforce. Triangle, Inc. employment specialists and job coaches provide an array of supports to individuals throughout the hiring and placement process to ensure success as they grow and thrive in their new role. Triangle, Inc. receives hundreds of referrals each year, each with their own career goals and strengths, allowing for a tremendous amount of flexibility in filling your job vacancies, including:

  • Full & Part-Time Positions
  • Paid Internships
  • Seasonal Employment

Career-Track Employment

Triangle, Inc. continues to work with individuals ensuring that they have opportunities to meet their long-term career goals. Individuals are regularly provided with training programs and new opportunities within growth industries, such as health care, the culinary arts, and environmental services. Throughout the year, Triangle, Inc. regularly offers opportunities for engagement with corporate partners, local business leaders, and board members to hone and sharpen their skills. Triangle, Inc. career-track programs produce:

  • Credentialed candidates in health care and food service industries
  • Dedicated individuals that exceed expectations
  • Qualified team members eager to build a career

Featured Employer

As a small business owner my time is very important. Therefore, it is imperative that my manufacturing process be streamlined and done in the most efficient manner possible. Triangle provides the most hard working, productive and courteous workforce imaginable to help us realize our manufacturing goals. Additionally, the people of Triangle, Inc. are genuinely enthusiastic workers and a delight to work with, rare traits in today’s society. Thank you to all at Triangle, Inc. and keep up the great work!

-Jared Block, Owner Cape Cod Polish

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