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Triangle, Inc.’s Environmental Services Pathway Program Thrives Thanks to Community Collaboration

Published by TJ Scalese on

Triangle, Inc.’s. Environmental Services Pathway Program is celebrating its third year, marked by significant growth both as a training initiative and a job placement service. The success of the Environmental Services program is not only measured by its growth and community partnerships, but also by the tangible impact it has on individuals seeking employment opportunities. With the training sessions now accessible in three locations (Boston, Brockton, and Malden), the program is reaching a broader audience and making a meaningful difference in the lives of participants.

By offering practical skills and on-the-job training experiences, Triangle’s Environmental Services program empowers individuals to gain the confidence and competence needed for meaningful employment. As this program enters its third year, the program’s expansion and collaborative efforts stand as a testament to the positive outcomes that can be achieved through dedicated community engagement and vocational training initiatives.

Part of this recent success is the partnership with the Arc of Greater Brockton, a committed community collaborator. They have helped by hosting training sessions at their recently renovated facility in Brockton, and this collaboration has not only expanded access to the Environmental Services Pathways Program, but also serves as a simulated work environment as participants contribute to the upkeep of the Arc’s newly renovated space.

This community-based initiative offers practical trainings that mirror real-life work environments, equipping participants with the essential skills for employment in custodial or related fields. As Triangle’s program continues to thrive, these collaborative efforts emphasize the positive impact that community partnerships can have on both training opportunities and job placement services.

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