people with ability
We partner with students seeking their first job, adults advancing their careers, and diverse employers to provide infinite employment opportunities for people with ability.

Transition-age and Adult Employment

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we have several learning communities designed to help people achieve their career goals and develop a more independent life in the community. We offer the following opportunities for both adults and transition-age youth for employment:

career development opportunities

  • Career and Community Access (CCA). Triangle, Inc. equips individuals age 18 to 29 with the career exploration experiences and community living skills they need to enjoy more independent lives. On any given day, CCA participants might be on the Orange Line learning the MBTA, in a local kitchen making lasagna, or on the sales floor at Marshalls learning to provide customer service. We’re proud of CCA participants who are building work experience by working part-time, improving their communities by volunteering, and attending classes that enrich their personal and professional lives. We currently offer Career and Community Access in Malden.
  • Employment Supports. We provide coaching to small groups of youth and adults who want to work successfully in the community. We’re proud to partner with companies like Bluefish Property Group, Boston Retail, Malden Department of Public Works, and others who are committed to employing people with ability in the community. When our job-seekers turn their focus toward a competitive job in the community, we are ready with the tools to help them achieve that goals.
  • Workforce Development. We work one-on-one with career seekers to help them start and advance promising careers at companies like Clarks, Dockside Restaurants, Jiffy Lube, TJ Maxx, and Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Whether we encounter a professional looking to re-enter the workforce, someone striving to secure their first job, or a recent hire who needs a little extra coaching on the new software system at work, we are willing to help.
  • Career Pathways.We connect youth and adult career seekers with credentialed training and provide the comprehensive career development support they need to start working in growth industries like Allied Health and the Culinary Arts. We’re proud to partner with organizations like the American Red Cross to equip Certified Nursing Assistants and Bunker Hill Community College to train Food Preps with their sights set on Sous Chef.

Beyond our Malden Headquarters, Triangle, Inc. employs excellent Career Specialists in Brockton, Randolph, and Salem who help people on the North and South Shores achieve their career goals.

Triangle Inc. is a registered Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization.