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Wayne gives back to the community!

Published by Zoe Campbell on

This December, during the season of giving, we’re highlighting how our program participants give back to the community. This week, we’re profiling Wayne, a Triangle program participant and resident!

Anyone who regularly spends time at Triangle’s Pearl Street location knows Wayne. He has been attending day programming at Triangle for decades. As both a resident and program participant, Wayne embodies the spirit of Triangle. He’s always the first to volunteer to help around the building. Anytime someone is lifting a box or loading up a cart, Wayne will jump right in to help. This attitude translates into the work that Wayne does to give back to the community. Wayne has been volunteering regularly since he first began at Triangle!

Wayne volunteers his time at various places, including Boston Food Bank, a nursing home in Reading, and his church in Wakefield. As a man of many talents, Wayne helps each place in different ways. While he is at Boston Food Bank, he helps load boxes of food. At church, he washes dishes and cleans up after events. Wayne loves to sing, and he shares his hobby around the community. He sings in a choir in Everett, where he went to school, in addition to his church, and a nursing home in Reading. He’s regularly a well-dressed man ahead of one of his many concerts!

When we asked Wayne about giving back to the community, he emphasized his love for helping people. In his words, “It’s good to help people, they appreciate all my help and like having me there, and I like talking to the people at church.” Wayne’s passion for volunteering is an inspiration to everyone at Triangle, and we’re lucky to see it firsthand!

We encourage you to support participants like Wayne through our end-of-year fundraising campaign.  Don’t forget that you can donate today and double your impact! All donations made to Triangle through December 31st will be matched by The Predictive Index.

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