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Employment Partner Spotlight: Chicken & Rice Guys!

Published by Zoe Campbell on

This is the second post in our month-long series highlighting some of our most valuable employment partners in honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. For our second feature, Triangle, Inc.’s loyal partner Chicken and Rice Guys is in the spotlight!

Chicken and Rice Guys is a local chain of restaurants that originated from a food truck. The truck first opened in 2012 with the goal of sharing their delicious chicken and rice, and has grown into numerous brick and mortar locations across the state. As a thriving local business, Chicken and Rice Guys has proven their dedication to giving back to the area!

Triangle’s partnership with Chicken and Rice Guys began in 2015. As a food truck operation, they previously staged their food preparation out of Triangle’s kitchen at our Pearl Street location, where they developed a relationship with program participants and staff. Once the restaurant moved to their storefront in Medford and no longer used Triangle’s facilities, they hired a group of program participants. The partnership later resumed, when they reached out to a program coordinator at Triangle’s Main Street location in Malden. Since then, they have hired four program participants who are actively employed at the restaurant, in addition to a few who have had internship roles.

The team at Chicken and Rice Guys plays a significant role in their employees’ lives. The individuals hired at the store are invited to all the company outings, and to participate in their annual Fantasy Football League. Each time a birthday comes, the team finds a way to have a little celebration at the store. Recently, one of our individuals retired from the company and they threw a get together to send him off on a positive note. The staff at Chicken and Rice Guys provided him with $5 gold coins that provide him with unlimited Chicken and Rice access, a cake, a card, and pictures with the team. The company is very proud of their work with Triangle, and strives to create an inclusive environment that has a foundation of natural supports.

Check back next week for our next employment partner spotlight!
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