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Triangle’s 2018 in Review!

Published by Coleman Nee on

Since 1971, Triangle, Inc. has continually served the needs of individuals with disabilities. We continue to provide a nurturing, fun, and safe community for our participants. Our work is empowered by a broad group of community members, employment partners, families, and, of course, our loyal donors.

As with any agency, how we meet our mission and the needs of our participants has drastically changed over the past 47 years. Our organization was once a large facility on the edge of town, where individuals would gather daily with their peers and complete jobs on a work floor. At night, these folks would return to their houses to rest, then rise, and complete the same routine the next day. At the time, this was a step in the right direction of progress. But times have changed. Our programs now address the comprehensive needs of the individuals that we serve. We go out into the community and work alongside colleagues at inclusive job sites across eastern Massachusetts. We meet the needs of youth and young adults aging into our transition-aged youth programs, as well as individuals who have spent decades at Triangle and are now winding down their work careers. Residents in our homes spend evenings and weekends going to the beach, attending ballgames, and taking sailing classes.

This new model requires additional staffing, programming, and administrative coordination, but it is what is needed to meet our mission in 2018 and beyond. At a time when our programs are becoming more costly, our government funding has stayed flat – or even decreased in some instances. Great results are coming from this new way of operating. In our last fiscal year, we reached over 3,200 people in more than 100 South Shore, Greater Boston, Metro North, and North Shore communities. We placed 379 individuals into employment opportunities, provided safety skills and empowerment training to 2,460 students, completed more than 1,700 hours of community service, and provided homes and families to 45 residents

Today, our programs, including four day program sites and ten residential homes, provide services that give our individuals the skills they need to be successful in all aspects of life. Triangle now uses four points of emphasis across all of our programming.

These key themes are enriching the lives of our participants, no matter their age, hometown, or disability. For people in our residential homes, these themes encourage them to seek out social opportunities and to join local community organizations. For younger, transition-aged youth in our programs, this allows them to gain crucial employment skills while also learning how to safely navigate their community and to spot dangerous situations. For older members of the Triangle community, this means more healthy living and community exploration activities common to their peers.

We hope that you will continue to support our participants’ success in 2019. Now, more than ever, your tax-deductible donation can make an impact on the lives of our participants. Thank you again for supporting people of all abilities.

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