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Employment Partner Spotlight: Malden Department of Public Works

Published by Zoe Campbell on

This is the third post in our month-long series highlighting some of our most valuable employment partners in honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. For our second feature, we are highlighting the Department of Public Works in Malden!

Triangle, Inc.’s primary location in the heart of Malden has resulted in a steadfast partnership with the city for 47 years. We are lucky to have support from all corners of Malden, which is crucial for our continued success. One of the valuable ways that the city shows its support is through different types of employment opportunities. Malden’s Department of Public Works (DPW) provides a valuable path into the workforce for many Triangle program participants, and illustrates the potential for a productive employment partnership.

Triangle has been working with the Department of Public Works in Malden for several years now. While on the job, individuals work to clean paths, parks, and streets around the community. This is a steady and consistent job for the crew. Something unique and exciting about this site is that the individuals are working directly for Malden, and get to take home a weekly paycheck from the city. This partnership helps to show what a truly connected community can do – together, we are working to improve the city.

The DPW work-site prioritizes building independence for the workers. After working on the job for an extended period of time, members of the crew build confidence in their skills, and can work more independently. Building this sense of self-assurance opens the door to a world of future employment opportunities, both in the city of Malden and beyond. Fostering a nurturing and challenging environment on the job allows for program participants to expand their horizons.

Fruitful employment opportunities like this allow the symbiotic relationship between the city of Malden and Triangle, Inc. to grow and flourish. The worksite at Malden DPW is another great example of how meaningful work opportunities can empower the workforce. It ties in perfectly with this year’s NDEAM theme: “America’s Workforce: Empowering All.” We will continue to celebrate the contributions of workers with disabilities next week with our final feature!

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