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Triangle, Inc. Launches Inaugural Technology Basics Course

Published by TJ Scalese on

In an effort to enhance the technology skills and professional development of its participants, Triangle, Inc. proudly launched its inaugural Technology Basics course in October and November of 2023. This 7-week program was hosted at the Malden Day Program site where Charles Warren (Charlie), Triangle’s Curriculum Developer, aimed to equip participants with fundamental knowledge of computer and technology components, as well as to build essential skills for navigating the digital landscape.

Seven participants completed the Technology Basics course. During the first week of the program, Charlie worked to assess each student’s comfort level and expertise prior to diving into more extensive material. This was critical to ensure that each participant in the program would be able to learn and grow throughout the 7 weeks and would be able to leave in a better spot than when they arrived.

Charlie partnered up with several other Triangle employees to educate the participants on different topics. Mike Perry and Adriana Li, coordinators of the Triangle Abuse Prevention & Safety program, helped students understand how to protect themselves from people trying to take advantage of them on the internet. Triangle’s Chief of Workforce Initiatives, Corey Grant, provided an overview of various forms of electronic communication when pursing employment or communicating in a professional setting. Corey also reviewed email etiquette and how communicating is different in a professional setting when compared to a personal setting. Triangle’s Advancement and Communications department also made an appearance to help students identify ways to take their goals and experiences and translate them to a professional resume.

Throughout the program, students were led through lessons that introduced them to Microsoft Word and online typing programs, as well as multiple activities that taught them how to navigate online job posting sites and company websites. These lessons were essential for students who were ready for job exploration to understand job posting language and to start their search. Students who were not yet ready to explore jobs received important knowledge and skills for when the time comes and were given additional time for typing practice modules.

One participant in the cohort is currently working part-time as a receptionist and expressed a keen interest in pursuing a career as an administrative professional. They found that the course significantly improved their job performance. They specifically highlighted their enhanced understanding of spreadsheets and word processor programs. Eager to continue their learning journey, they collaborated with Charlie to explore additional online skill-building modules, showcasing a commitment to ongoing professional development within the tech realm.

Triangle, Inc.’s Technology Basics course has undeniably empowered these individuals, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed in an increasingly digital world. As participants continue to embrace new opportunities, it is evident that initiatives like these play a pivotal role in shaping the future of inclusive professional development.

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