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Hosting an Accessible and Inclusive Holiday Party For People of All Abilities

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The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and coming together with loved ones. As you plan your holiday party this year, think about all of your guest and make sure your party is inclusive and accessible to everyone. By creating an environment that welcomes everyone, you ensure that each person can enjoy the festivities. Here are some quick tips!

Invitations with a Personal Touch:

When reaching out to your guests, use this as an opportunity to ask them about any specific requirements or preferences they may have to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and included at your holiday gathering. Being proactive is key, but remember that not everyone will respond, so think of your guests and plan accordingly.

Inclusive Menu Planning:

Plan a menu that caters to various dietary preferences and restrictions. Label dishes with ingredients to accommodate those with allergies and offer options that include vegetarian and gluten-free choices. Having multiple options makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the get-together. If anyone has specific challenges with food texture of chewing, consider incorporating softer or alternative textures to ensure a delightful dining experience for all.

Mobility Inclusion:

Consider the mobility needs of your guests and ensure that your home or venue is accessible to everyone. If your location has stairs or steps, make sure there is an accessible and alternative route, and provide seating areas that are easily accessible and spacious for individuals using mobility aids. Ensuring that the party is accessible to all, regardless of mobility constraints, allows everyone to be comfortable and engage in activities.

Mindful Music Choices:

When setting up the music for the event, consider making a diverse playlist that caters to a variety of different tastes and sensitivities. Ensuring that the volume is at a level that allows for conversation without being too loud provides a comfortable and festive environment for all. Additionally, designate a quieter space, such as a cozy room or an outdoor area, for individuals who may need to take a step back from the stimulation, allowing them to recharge and enjoy the celebration at their own pace.

Prioritize Health and Safety: COVID-19 Considerations

Given the current health climate, its essential to prioritize the heath and well-being of your guests. Communicate in advance about any COVID-19 safety measures you’ll be implementing and encourage open dialogue about concerns. Consider: mask guidelines, slightly opening doors and windows for increased air ventilation, hand sanitizing stations, and outdoor spaces if weather permits.

Communication is Key:

Throughout the event, communicate openly with your guests. Let them know that you are available to assist them with any needs or concerns they may have. Be flexible and willing to make quick adjustments as necessary.

By incorporating these tips, your holiday party can be a celebration of inclusivity, warmth, and shared joy. Your efforts to create a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible environment will allow all of your guests to have a good time and contribute to the holiday spirit.

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