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Blossoming Into a New Job: The Home Depot project

Published by TJ Scalese on

Summer is a time for both fun in the sun and personal growth. Since 2019 Triangle, Inc. has partnered with Home Depot to offer group employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. This experience, which originally came about through the great partnership with the Northeast Regional Employment Collaborative, provides onsite job coaching in a professional setting while also opening doors to new opportunities and brighter futures. One of this summer’s participants, Danny, leveraged this opportunity into a permanent part-time position at Home Depot.

This joint initiative between Triangle and Home Depot has allowed Danny to spend his summer in the garden center, while also teaching him about teamwork, time management, and the satisfaction of a hard day’s work. After the program ended, Danny decided he wanted to continue working at Home Depot, so he applied and was soon brought on in a new permanent position.

Danny says that he “really enjoys working at Home Depot” and has loved being a part of their team. He has a strong desire to continue to grow and develop his skills by continuing to “learn how to do more tasks.” His favorite part about Home Depot is the people he gets to interact with, from his coworkers to his customers. Additionally, Danny loves the fact that he gets to work outdoors, every single day!

Triangle has a mission and goal that is focused on empowering those with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives and to help them contribute to their community in meaningful ways. Like the Home Depot project, Triangle works to provide individuals with disabilities with multiple different opportunities and resources to help them find a job that matches their skill set and their life goals. Danny is just one of many stories Triangle has to tell, and we are so proud of him and this major accomplishment.

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