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November Residential Series: Making a House a Home

Published by Kassi Soulard on

During the month of November, we feature our residential program as we gear up for Giving Tuesday. The #SupportaHomeNotaHouse campaign is in its fifth year and has raised thousands of dollars to support our nine residential homes.  This blog post is the third in a series that will give you a glimpse at how your contributions support the 43 residents living throughout Metro North and North Shore communities.

On a recent afternoon at one of our residential homes, five residents walked back into their house after returning from work or their daily routine. One by one, they sat down at their table to work on a puzzle together as they caught up with each other.  When not making puzzles, the ladies in this home do crafts together with each person having their favorite ways of contributing to group projects. While it may seem unremarkable in many senses, this quiet comfort and familiarity is a powerful hallmark of Triangle’s residential program. Many Triangle homes have built a strong sense of community – our residents are not simply roommates, but, in many instances, decades-long friends. When you look at pictures on the walls, you see smiling faces of trips to Fenway Park, birthday parties, and meals out on the town – just as you would at any “family” home.

The guardians and family members of our residents are extended members of these home communities as well. The father of one of our residents tells us that a phone call to ask if his son wants lunch from Subway quickly becomes an order for four customized sandwiches for each guy in the house – a request he is happy to fulfill. When appliances and furniture at one of our homes was about to be replaced, a family generously stepped up and donated new items to the home. Other families have been quiet supporters of their loved ones’ housemates when they see a need for connection.

For most of the month, we’ve been highlighting ways that our participants engage in activities outside of their homes or pursue personal passions. But it is this quiet and calm familiarity, love, and sense of family in each of our nine houses that truly make them a home for our 43 residents. As we approach Giving Tuesday 2021, we hope that you will consider a donation to the #SupportaHomeNotaHouse campaign to help Triangle’s residential program continue to build these loving communities in the years to come.

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