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November Residential Series: Rob’s Artwork

Published by Kassi Soulard on

During the month of November, we feature our residential program as we gear up for Giving Tuesday. The #SupportaHomeNotaHouse campaign is in its fifth year and has raised thousands of dollars to support our nine residential homes. This blog post is the second in a series that will give you a glimpse at how your contributions support the 43 residents living throughout Metro North and North Shore communities.

Last week, we highlighted several ways that Triangle’s residential program provides fun recreational opportunities in the community. While we love bringing together all of our residents for those opportunities, we also know that nurturing each individual resident’s passions and hobbies is an essential part of providing a high-end residential experience to all 43 residents. Rob, who has lived in a Triangle home for several years, is a great example of how these pursuits can blossom when shared with the community.

Rob is a fantastic artist who loves to craft unique pieces in several mediums. In his home, Rob has a studio space where he always has a new project underway. The dedicated staff members who work with Rob take him to galleries and museums in his spare time. These outings led to a fantastic connection with Allyson Paladino, owner of Inner Space Fine Arts, an art gallery in North Reading. After viewing some of Rob’s pieces, they recently received one that is on display in the gallery. View the video below to see Rob drop off his art and show it to Inner Space staff.

Triangle, Inc. has commissioned another piece from Rob as well. This new painting will be displayed at our new flagship service site and administrative headquarters in Malden beginning in 2022!

This is just one example of how Triangle encourages and supports each individual to enjoy their personal passions. As we approach Giving Tuesday 2021, we hope that you will consider a donation to the #SupportaHomeNotaHouse campaign to help Triangle continue to provide these unique opportunities for our residents.

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