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Triangle Launches Fund for Ability

Published by Kassi Soulard on

Fund for Ability

The Fund will provide general operating support as the organization continues to serve people with disabilities.

In recent weeks, Triangle, Inc. has continued to meet its mission each day by providing supportive care and innovative programming to 43 people in our nine residential homes, teaching hundreds of students with disabilities pre-employment training and personal safety skills through online classes, and providing a strong sense of community to hundreds of people who can no longer physically attend our four day programs. Our doors may be closed, but our dedicated staff have been working hard to ensure that our programs continue. Please follow our social media channels and blog in the coming weeks as we tell the stories of our programs and how they are providing effective and innovative programming to our individuals.

Like many organizations, Triangle is facing uncertain economic prospects. One of our largest state contracts is no longer being fully funded – representing substantial cuts that will directly affect programs serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Moving our programs online was a necessity, but costs related to that transition were not anticipated in our annual budget. To support our residential program, we’ve boosted staffing levels and are providing all the necessary cleaning materials and personal protective equipment that we can procure. And last, due to the pandemic, we canceled our largest annual fundraiser, Celebrate, which will represent at least $30,000 in lost donations.

While we know that many of you are experiencing financial uncertainty in your own lives, we ask that you consider a donation to our new Fund for Ability, which will provide sorely needed general operating support to all of Triangle’s programs. If you cannot provide a monetary donation right now, please consider supporting Triangle, Inc. by donating any extra cleaning supplies, gloves, Lysol wipes, masks (cloth or medical), or other items covered on this blog post.

Triangle was founded by community members in the early 1970s who knew that people with disabilities were valued members of our society. Nearly 50 years later, we hope that you will reaffirm your commitment to people with ability to ensure that the vital services they receive continue now and into the future.

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