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Sharing a Secret of Our Success

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If you visited Triangle’s Malden headquarters in 2005 we would have taken you on a tour of our work floor. There you would have met 120 great people with ability busy packaging lightbulbs, assembling spray bottles, or doing other hands-on jobs. After you met Camille you would leave Triangle thinking we were doing great work and you would probably second her oft repeated belief that “there is a lot of love in this place.”

In 2015 you won’t meet members of our community assembling bottles in Malden, but you will connect with them at AMC Theatres, Bertucci’s, Hallmark Health, Marshall’s, Talbots, The TJX Companies, Wegman’s, YMCA Malden and other leading companies and organizations. While in 2005 we served 120 people in sheltered employment in 2015 we’re proud to report that in the first five months of our June to July fiscal year we have helped people secure 120 competitive jobs in the community.

How did we increase career seekers success while moving from the workshop to the community? The answer is clustered in a few cubicles of our Malden headquarters. It is there that Debbie Muldoon has invested two decades of her life building a Career Services team that is one of the best in the business. While the rest of the Triangle community is whirring with diverse activities – on any given Tuesday and IMPACT:Ability class and Roman Music Therapy session might be running concurrently while a Community Choices group heads out to tour the State House or volunteer at Cradles to Crayons – the Career Placement team ticks off career placements like the seconds on a clock.

In the first two weeks of September alone, Colleen Militello from Career Services placed people like time was running out. Colleen helped five people start new careers at Sports Authority, Brandeis University, Woburn Auto Parts, Genesis Healthcare and the Vocational Advancement Center in Watertown. The last placement was particularly exciting since Colleen – who is one of Triangle’s most talented job coaches – trained her client to join the coaching profession.

Triangle is proud to be the leading disability employment organization in Massachusetts. Our success is not an overnight sensation, but is built upon decades of passionate, professional work by Colleen, Debbie and the Career Placement team!

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