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Pre-ETS Training Schedule

Summer 2022

Self-Advocacy Training and Disability History with EPIC

A series provided in partnership with Triangle’s EPIC Department. The series teaches advocacy and leadership skills. This series will also include a session on disability history and the disability rights movement. Designed to better understand oneself and the perspective of others. 

All classes will be from
3:00PM – 4:30PM
via Zoom.

  •  07/12
  • 07/14
  • 07/19
  • 07/21

IMPACT – Self-Expression and Boundaries Training

A vocational training for modern job seekers

Students will be trained on skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace. Skills taught will consist of: 

  • Assertive communication and self-advocacy 
  • Setting limits with familiar people in workplace and school settings  
  • Setting limits around inclusion and safety related to LGBTQ+ values and boundaries  
  • Resisting an inappropriate sexual touch or advance, including workplace sexual harassment 
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution in the workplace 
  • Adrenaline management and grounding techniques for staying calm under stress or challenging conversations  
  • Setting limits around others related to one’s own disability or limitation  

All classes will be from
11:00AM – 12:00PM
via Zoom.

  •  08/02
  • 08/04
  • 08/09
  • 08/11