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IMPACT:Ability empowers people and organizations to prevent abuse. Boston Public Schools students take IMPACT:Ability classes to learn how to safely interact with people they don’t know while on their way to school or work. Adults use their safety skills to set clear boundaries with personal care assistants and enjoy living in their communities.

IMPACT:Ability is an evidence-based initiative that equips people and organizations through:

  • Safety and Self-Advocacy Classes. People with disabilities work with our highly trained coaches to learn how to defend themselves. They use their voice and bodies to establish safe boundaries, discourage potential threats, and defend themselves in a moment of danger. In addition, they learn how to report unsafe interactions to at least two trustworthy people. IMPACT:Ability also partners with EPIC to provide self-advocacy training which empowers people to find their voice and learn to lead independent lives.
  • Abuse Reporting and Response Classes. Our inclusive training team equips teachers, nonprofit staff, and state employees to identify potential abuse, effectively report suspected abuse to proper authorities, and provide caring support and referrals for abuse survivors.
  • Providing Private Lessons, Consent Training, and Organizational Consulting. We’re proud to partner with self-advocates, families, and organizations to prevent abuse and foster safe communities.

Think everyone should have IMPACT training? We agree! Learn more about IMPACT’s safety classes for middle school students, women, the LGBTQI community, corporate groups, and others at

For additional information about IMPACT:Ability, please contact Meagan Anderson, IMPACT Operations Manager, at or 781.388.4338.

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