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Triangle Abuse Prevention & Safety Ends First Year With Success

Published by TJ Scalese on

The Triangle Abuse Prevention & Safety Program (TAPS) is closing out its first year in its new iteration that is primarily focused on serving the disability community and the people working in the disability services sector. After more than a decade of fruitful collaboration, former IMPACT Boston staff members Michael Perry and Adriana Li launched the program last summer under the guidance of Triangle’s Chief Integrity Officer, Melissa Strout, and continue to be one of the few evidence-based violence prevention programs designed for people with disabilities.

TAPS quickly established partnerships with local service providers, schools, and community organizations, while also strengthening their collaboration with Triangle’s team of clinicians and program staff. In their inaugural year, TAPS made a significant impact, serving over 700 DDS program participants and more than 100 individuals served by Triangle programs. They also successfully implemented support training for over 140 staff, professionals, and guardians on boundary setting, navigating challenging conversations, de-escalation, and stress and wellness management.

TAPS tailors each class to meet the specific needs of the individuals in attendance. This customization allows participants to practice and acquire new skills in a supportive environment. The training sessions encompass a broad range of topics, including self-defense, navigating social situations, and self-advocacy. Recognizing the growing importance of digital literacy and safety, they offered a revamped social media safety curriculum specifically designed for people with disabilities. Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments such as, “The most helpful part about class was learning about boundaries and how to de-escalate situations” and “I learned I can walk away when I need to,” highlight the program’s impact.

By continually evolving and expanding their offerings, TAPS hopes to make a lasting impact on the lives of people with disabilities. In the upcoming year, they will continue to evolve their online safety programs, create specialized classes and modules for LGBTQ+ members of the disability community, implement stress management through movement programming, and begin to offer survivor-supported and trauma informed drop-in classes to help support individuals who have experienced abuse. Their dedication to this cause ensures that TAPS will remain at the forefront of abuse prevention and safety education, fostering a safer and more inclusive community for all.

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