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From Goals To Reality: Andy’s Journey With Prism

Published by TJ Scalese on

Triangle, Inc.’s Prism Program stands as a place of support and growth for autistic transition-aged adults. This program supports its members with personal and professional growth through a combination of one-to-one and group learning sessions. These sessions are tailored to each member’s individualized plans, such as employment, independent living, and other social opportunities. Today, we’re highlighting Andy, a member who has found success with the help of the Prism Program.

Andy was introduced to the Prism Program two years ago, with the goal of gaining employment. With the support of Prism Program staff members, Andy was guided through the application process at Dom’s Sausages in Malden. Andy was helped and supported every step of the way. With resume building, interview prep, and support from the Prism program, Andy now has a job where he helps to pack and ship products nationwide.

For Andy, Dom’s isn’t just a workplace; it’s “like a family.” The supportive atmosphere and camaraderie create a sense of community that Andy says makes Dom’s “special.” Having been employed there for the last year and a half, Andy appreciates and values “all the help and support” from everyone at Dom’s, and cherishes the genuine appreciation and assistance extended by his colleagues.

Beyond the confines of work, the Prism Program has provided Andy with many different experiences and resources. From skill-building sessions to recreational outings, the Prism Program fosters a judgment-free environment where Andy can thrive. Bowling trips, visits to the Franklin Park Zoo, and outings to Dave and Busters are just some of the adventures Andy has enjoyed.

Reflecting on his journey, Andy describes Prism as the “perfect program” for him. It’s a sentiment that is voiced by many who have found growth within this supportive environment. Through a blend of individualized support and inclusive programming, the Prism Program empowers individuals like Andy to flourish and realize their full potential.

Through Andy’s employment journey, we see the impact that programs like Prism can have on members of the community. As we highlight Andy’s story, let us recognize the importance of creating spaces where everyone can thrive. In doing so, we pave the way for a more equitable and compassionate society, one where every individual has the opportunity to shine bright, just like Andy.

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