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Empowering Progress: Triangle, Inc.’s Vision for the Next 50 Years

Published by TJ Scalese on

In 2021, as Triangle, Inc. celebrated its 50th anniversary, the organization embarked on an ambitious journey to further its impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities. A comprehensive five-year strategic growth plan was devised, aiming to extend services to an additional 1,000 individuals by 2027. This plan, crafted through an engagement with Community Action Partners, reflects Triangle’s commitment to community inclusion, employment, empowerment, and independence.

Setting the Stage for Growth: A Year in Review

As the first official year of the plan draws to a close, Triangle, Inc. is proud to report significant strides. The organization welcomed 42 new team members in the first ten months of 2023, expanding its capacity across all programs and positioning itself for future growth.

Investments in program development, increased compensation for direct care staff, the establishment of a new residential home, and expanded enrollment across day services programs marked key achievements of the past year. These endeavors underline Triangle’s dedication to providing enhanced support and opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Prioritizing People: Investing in Care and Quality

Triangle’s commitment to excellence is evident in its ongoing investment in Clinical and Quality Assurance teams. Recognizing the evolving needs of participants and residents, the organization is prepared to accept high-support needs referrals for its residential and day programs. These efforts have bolstered Triangle’s already well regarded positive behavioral supports and person-centered service planning processes that have been recognized by the Commonwealth.

The Triangle Abuse Prevention & Safety (TAPS) program (formerly IMPACT:Ability) is now part of the Clinical and Quality Assurance department and allows the organization’s abuse prevention, healthy relationship skill building, and personal safety classes to be more fully integrate these services under our mission of serving the disability community. By increasing collaboration across departments, Triangle aims to provide a higher number of training sessions to school partners, fellow providers, and program participants.

Equity at the Forefront: Racial Equity and Disability Justice Initiatives

Since 2020, Triangle initiated staff-led Racial Equity and Disability Justice initiatives. These programs have prioritized ongoing dialogues and trainings. Importantly, they ensure that the organization’s service delivery model incorporates intersectionality and equity as foundational principles. In FY23 alone, monthly all staff Racial Equity trainings were held to highlight concepts such as implicit bias, microaggressions, and accentuating the key differences between equity and equality. Launched with a comprehensive survey to assess organizational needs, the Disability Justice Task Force has also implemented orientation micro-trainings and departmental trainings to expand staff members knowledge on ableism and disability inclusion.

Expanding Horizons: Program Success Stories

Several programs have experienced remarkable success during the first year of the growth plan:

North Shore Day Services: The Salem-based program, having doubled its capacity after relocating in 2020, experienced rapid growth in 2023, enrolling 20 new participants and reaching a total of 57 program members.

Prism Program for autistic young adults: With 37 members enrolled, the Prism Program has exceeded enrollment goals to date. This innovative offering, featuring a judgment-free zone with a performance and gaming lounge, learning center, and café space, now includes a STEM Career Exploration program.

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS): Triangle’s Pre-ETS program has expanded significantly, adding Cambridge, Peabody, and Salem High Schools to its partner portfolio and serving more than 220 students in FY23..

EPIC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Trainings: These workplace inclusion and ableism sessions experienced substantial growth, tripling year-to-year revenue and doubling the number of training partners. The addition of a Director of Youth Services reflects EPIC’s commitment to expanding training capacity.

Conclusion: A Promising Path Forward

As Triangle, Inc. reflects on the accomplishments of the past year, the organization is poised to build upon its legacy of empowerment and inclusivity. The next 50 years hold the promise of continued growth, innovation, and, most importantly, the transformation of countless lives through unwavering dedication to the principles of community inclusion, employment, empowerment, and independence.

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