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Another Home at The Holidays!

Published by TJ Scalese on

On the occasion of Triangle’s 50th anniversary in 2021, we developed a strategic growth plan that would help expand the impact of our work by 50% by the end of 2027 – a five-year comprehensive set of plans for each of our programs. In 2023, we were excited to take an important first step toward our goals with the opening of our newest residential home in Danvers – the third in that community!

This home will provide four young adults with disabilities with a loving and nurturing living environment, while gaining access to the many recreational and community involvement activities that have been a hallmark of Triangle’s residential program for decades. This will be the first of three new homes opened by Triangle in the coming years, most of which will serve individuals who recently turned 22 and are awaiting their first placement as an adult – meaning these houses will be the first and hopefully longtime homes for people leaving their childhood living situation.

As we continue to increase the number of homes in the future, we will also be mindful of the needs of our current residents, many of whom are aging into their 60s. As they grow older, we will hopefully be finding new, single level homes with amenities needed for this cohort. Once they move into new homes, their existing facilities would be remodeled and repurposed to take on younger individuals as we grow our program.

Support for our #supportahomenotahouse campaign will allow us to continue our growth on a path to adding two more homes in the years ahead. It will also help us create more supportive homes for our current group of 43 residents as they age and their needs change.

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