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Celebrating Autism Acceptance Month

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This is a special post written by Charles Warren, Curriculum Developer at Triangle. Charlie is also a member of Triangle’s Racial Equity Task Force. As part of our commitment to the work of our Racial Equity Task Force, we will be sharing more information with you on subjects related to racial equity and disability justice. This post continues our series dedicated to calling attention to the contributions of people with disabilities to American history.

As we celebrate Autism Acceptance Month, we are highlighting autistic authors, activists, and more as part of our ongoing series to recognize the contributions of people with disabilities. The books mentioned below are important contributions to the growing body of literature about autism and neurodivergence. At the bottom of this post, we have included a list of valuable resources for parents, educators, and other professionals who work with neurodivergent people.

Chloé Hayden

Chole Hayden beams at the camera wear a crown of flowers and a flower and bird print jumper, in the background are lush trees, and a cityscape across a bay.

Chloé Hayden is an autistic author, motivational speaker, and actor. In her book Different, Not Less: A Neurodivergent’s Guide to Embracing Your True Self and Finding Your Happily Ever After, Hayden shares her personal diagnosis story, and how she has embraced autism, ADHD, and neurodivergence. She also offers practical and supportive advice for neurodivergent people.

Dr. Devon Price

Devon Price shares a big smile with the camera. They are wearing dark grey t-shirt and jeans, a chain necklace, and a cool linework tattoo is visible on their wrist.

Dr. Devon Price is an autistic writer, social psychologist, professor, and activist who has written extensively about autism and neurodiversity. His book, Unmasking Autism: Discovering the New Faces of Neurodiversity, is an important contribution to this growing body of literature.

In Unmasking Autism, Dr. Price offers the perspective that autism is not a disorder, but rather a difference in neurotype. He challenges the idea that neurodivergent people need to “mask” their autistic traits in order to fit in with neurotypical society. Dr. Price argues that neurodivergent people should be free to embrace their autistic identities and live authentically.

Kay Kerr

Kay Kerr stands in front of a blue wall and striped awning looking into the middle distance. She is wearing a pink flowy sundress, and sandals. Her socks perfectly matched the wall behind her.

Kay Kerr is an autistic author and journalist who has written extensively about autism and neurodiversity. Her book, Love & Autism, is an important contribution to the growing body of literature about neurodiversity.

In Love & Autism, Kerr shares her personal story of diagnosis as autistic as an adult, and how she embraces her neurodivergence. She also offers practical advice and tips for other neurodivergent people on the journey to love and acceptance.

Sonny Jane Wise

Sonny Jane Wise smiles while standing in front of a wall painted pink and white, wearing glasses, a bright green hat, and a sweater with purple, green, red, orange, yellow, and blue stripes.

Sonny Jane Wise is an autistic author and a queer, disabled and multiply neurodivergent advocate, public speaker, and author.  They are on a mission to build a neurodiversity-affirming future where neurodivergent people are not viewed or labeled as disordered.  They have published the influential Neurodivergent Friendly Workbook of DBT Skills and have an upcoming book on neurodiversity coming out in 2023.


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