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The Home Depot Garden Project

Published by Yuki Cheung on

Since 2019, Triangle has partnered with Home Depot stores in our local communities to offer participants in our supported employment programs an opportunity for seasonal work. This year, Triangle is partnering with the Reading store to provide a group of four individuals with plant watering jobs at their outdoor garden center.

The whole process of the project helps participants learn more about the process of finding, applying for, and maintaining a job through the season. First, Jenn from Home Depot hosts interested participants in the spring each year to tell prospective employees from our programs a little more about the job and why it is important. Following this introductory session, participants who want to be a part of the project complete an online application with their Triangle job coach. Once the group members are finalized and the hiring process is complete, the group attends two days of orientation/training before beginning to earn their paycheck!

This year’s crew all come from Triangle’s Malden program. They work 8 am to Noon, Monday through Friday to water perennials, annuals, and other plants. All of this year’s participants mentioned how they love to garden and organize vegetables and plants. Alicia and Patrick like to water vegetables and plants. Danny enjoys gardening and watering each section of the plants while being able to make money. Another participant mentioned how he loves to garden and arrange vegetables and plants as well as interact with customers when they ask for help.

Triangle cannot thank Home Depot enough for this annual opportunity and applauds their efforts to build inclusive teams at their local stores. Additional thanks to Kristianne Widman and the Northeast Employment Collaborative for starting this partnership and inviting Triangle to participate.

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