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“Jill Shreds It” at Triangle Salem

Published by Yuki Cheung on

For the past five months, Jill, a longtime Triangle day program participant, has found a creative way to stay focused on her goals and build her employment skills by taking on Triangle’s Salem site shredding needs. With the assistance of Triangle staff, Jill created promotional flyers about her “Jill Shreds It” service and dispersed them to Triangle staff to encourage them to use her for their shredding needs.

She loves shredding because it helps her build organizing skills and improve her focus on the job. Jill has shown steady improvement and shreds paper each day after other group activities and employment opportunities. She fixes the shredder when it jams and maintains the cleanliness of her worksite by vacuuming and sweeping.

Jill recently toured a professional shredding company at Greif Recycling with her Triangle Employment Specialist. As a result, she now helps train her peers to do the job as well.

In the future, Jill would love to get a job at a facility in the community and, eventually, learn additional filing and labeling skills that could help her achieve her goal to become an administrative assistant in an office environment.

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