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Celebrating Triangle’s 50th Anniversary

Published by Coleman Nee on

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We have arrived at a landmark year in our history – 2021 marks Triangle’s 50th anniversary. Triangle was founded in 1971 by civic and business leaders who wanted to establish programs and services for people with disabilities at a time when institutionalization was still prevalent. Our founders believed in inclusion and understood that, with the right supports, people with disabilities could play an active role in all aspects of society.

Triangle has since grown into one of the leading disability services agencies in the Commonwealth with multiple locations in Malden, a recently expanded site in Salem, a downtown location in Randolph, and a Boston office that is home to our service learning and abuse prevention programs. Each year, we reach 3,000 people with disabilities from more than 100 cities and towns. With the support of generous donors and business and civic leaders, we have continually improved and diversified our programs and services to better meet the evolving needs of the disability community.

As part of our upcoming year of celebration, we are excited to announce that our Annual Golf Classic will be held at the Charles River Country Club on Monday, September 27th and our 50th Anniversary Celebration at the JFK Library and Museum on Thursday, October 21st. Please click here for more information about our events.

In addition to our annual events, we are establishing a 50th Anniversary Legacy Fund, which will provide direct funding for two exciting initiatives that will allow us to better serve the disability community in the decades to come. First, the Legacy Fund will provide seed-funding for a new program that will exclusively support the autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) communities. The second project supported by the Legacy Fund will provide capital support for an extensive renovation at our future flagship service site and headquarters at 450 Broadway Street in Malden. Please check back later in the week for more information about our 50th Anniversary Legacy Fund.

As we look forward towards a bright future, we are eager to create new programs that better serve future generations of people with disabilities. While Triangle programs look very different now than they did in the early 1970s, we still capture that same spirit of humanity inherent in our mission: “Through support, challenge and opportunity, Triangle, Inc. empowers people with disabilities and their families to enjoy rich, fulfilling lives.”

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