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Meet our Heroes Behind the Mask!

Published by Zoe Campbell on

This month we’ve been highlighting our residential workers who have gone above and beyond on our social media. We want to show you who these heroes are behind the mask!

Frank from our residence on Lawrence Street enjoyed having the opportunity to help out our program participants. He wanted to be there for them since they are like part of his family now. When he wasn’t spending his time at the house, he was watching movies at home!

As a kid, Ricardo always wanted to help people. He knew that despite people being afraid when the pandemic began, he was ready to help to the best of his abilities. He saw it as a test of his character and gave 150% to serve the Triangle residents. When Ricardo wasn’t at the house he saw it as an opportunity to really connect with his family and catch up on Netflix.

Osa was motivated by doing his part to make a difference and help put a smile on the residents faces. He knew he could help and wanted to support the people that he works with. He spent time with his daughter, playing hide and seek and catch.

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