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The 2nd Annual Bashers & Beer Event Hits it Out of the Park!

Published by Meredith Patrell-Fazio on

Just one hour ahead of Triangle, Inc.’s 2nd Annual Bashers & Beer event, it was pouring rain. But as the team and attendees began to arrive to the baseball diamond at Amerige Park, the sun came out, the field dried up, and spirits were high as the players started warming up for the game!


On August 9th, we invited friends, family, and community partners to join our Special Olympics softball team, the Triangle Bashers, for a scrimmage and a beer at Idle Hands Craft Ales and Taproom in Malden. This engagement event brought together people from across the state and was an opportunity to meet and reconnect as we celebrated another season for the Bashers, along with the achievements and hard work of everyone over the past year.

Whether it was meeting the parents of our participants, the friends of our staff, or our community partners – the evening was filled with camaraderie that extended beyond the field. The city of Malden has been a home and consistent supporter of Triangle, Inc. since we opened our doors nearly 50 years ago, and this event was no exception. Among our community partners were some of Malden’s local officials, including our board member State Representative Paul Donato, 2018 Public Servant of the Year State Representative Steve Ultrino, and Malden’s very own Mayor Gary Christenson, who was a familiar face among many of our participants and loyal fans. By the end of the evening, the Bashers had won another game, but that victory took second place to the pizza and good times that were shared among friends.

As Triangle, Inc.’s programs have continued to become more community-based in recent years, opportunities to come together with the people who make our mission possible and to show appreciation for the places we have always called home have become more valuable than ever. Thank you to all who came out to Bashers & Beer, and to everyone who continues to help the world realize that we are all people with ability!




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