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A New (Fiscal) Year & A New Mission

Published by Coleman Nee on

Triangle, Inc. has just wrapped up its 2017 Fiscal Year, celebrating its 46th year of operation.  

Throughout this time, thousands of individuals with disabilities have passed through the doors at our various locations.  In its early days, Triangle, Inc. represented a place for those who did not feel appreciated or comfortable in our communities to be welcomed and served alongside their peers in sheltered workshops and on-site day programs.  Now, close to a half-century later, Triangle, Inc. stands as an entry point into the community for our participants to gain employment, establish residency, and learn effective self-advocacy skills.  This new addition to our mission is being embraced with great enthusiasm and pride.    

What’s not new to our mission is providing a stable, safe, and enriching environment for our participants. To enhance our participants’ independence, all Triangle, Inc. programs are being moved from our administrative headquarters and into the heart of communities throughout Eastern Massachusetts for optimal integration. Due to this change, our organization’s network of employers, community organizations, and institutions of higher learning have expanded greatly in recent years. These partnerships are paying dividends for our outcomes! In the past year, our career service programs have made more than 320 unique job placements for close to 200 individuals. This is a nearly 500 percent increase in our competitive employment focus since our first year of community placement in 2012. 

Our residential program is focused on enhancing quality of life for residents, which includes full community integration. We encourage all residents to become engaged citizens by joining recreation activities and obtaining memberships to various local organizations. Renewed exposure to the rich resources that exist in our communities are ensuring that all of these individuals have opportunities to explore and experience their neighborhoods’ assets to the fullest extent.   

These are but two areas where we are taking the next step in our organization’s mission as we seek to create a more inclusive and welcoming society for all. As we move forward, I will continue to provide progress report updates and highlights from our programs on Triangle, Inc.’s blog. 

I wish to thank our amazing staff that facilitate such meaningful programing and demonstrate unwavering commitment to the participants and communities we serve. This dedication enables the hard-won successes many of our participants have experienced. I look forward to a new fiscal year with hope and optimism for what we can achieve together.  


Triangle CEO, Coleman Nee

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