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Student Success Story: Michael Tammaro

Published by Francesca Fioresi on

When I met Michael the first thing I got to know about him was that he loves cars. His love for cars stems from the exposure he got working with his uncle at various BMW auto body shops, so matching him with an internship at Subaru of Wakefield, where he also lives, was a no-brainer. He mainly works in the recon shop cleaning the exterior and interior of cars that have been sold. “I love it here, it’s a good fit for me,” was the first thing he said when I did my initial check-in. And we could not have asked for a better advocate and partner like Mike Rossi, Service Manager and Michael’s supervisor at Subaru of Wakefield. Mike also has over 10 years’ previous experience in the human services field. When asked how Michael did after his first day Mike Rossi replied, “He did an amazing job. He spent the evening over with the recon department and we showed him how we prep cars. After about an hour he was completely hands on washing and prepping cars.  Michael has been an absolute joy to have.”

Michael’s is beginning his last week of his internship with hopes he may be able to work part-time at this dealership. I asked him a few questions about his experience.

Q: Why did you want to be in the Transitions to Successful Careers (TSC) program?

A: To better prepare me to find and get a job in the future.

Q: Do you like your internship, and why?

A: I like it because it has to do with cars, and I love cars.

Q: Do you like your supervisor, and why?

A: I like him, he’s nice and fun.

Q: What new skills have you learned so far?

A: I’ve learned more about cars and how to clean them properly in the detail shop, like spraying the inside as well as the outside.

Q: Do you feel more confident about working?

A: Yes I do! I’ve never had a “real” job before; I used to just work with my uncle. Now I’m working independently and this internship is my own.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: To become an auto mechanic, succeed, and make money.

Q: What did you learn after being in the TSC program?

A: I learned how to interview better and how to look for a job. I didn’t have these skills before.

Q: Is the program and internship helping you work towards your career and life goals?

A: Yes, I have more confidence and skills now.

Q: Alright, here’s a fun question: What’s your favorite car?

A: Definitely BMW E30

Triangle Inc.’s Transitions to Successful Careers (TSC) programs are delivering cohort programs for students enrolled in high school or secondary educational programs who live in the Braintree, Brockton, and Malden MRC catchment areas. We currently serve 75 participants by delivering a 5-day job readiness boot camp followed by a 6-week internship position with a local business partner.
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