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Triangle Abuse Prevention & Safety Programs

The following is a list of the topics that we teach to people of all abilities. Each topic ranges between 30-90 minutes per class, depending on class size and needs. Clients are encouraged to meet with the instructors to arrange a customized program to meet their specific goals and needs for participants. Instructors can also develop and teach topics customizable to the client or agency.

Topic Options: Safety, Self-Advocacy & Self-Defense
  • Safety, awareness, self-protection strategies against strangers that make one uncomfortable
  • Creating and reinforcing personal boundaries around touch with familiar people
  • Defending oneself against a familiar person insulting, harassing, or bullying them
  • Safely & appropriately confronting a familiar person who is spreading rumors about them
  • Self-defense against a familiar person touching them inappropriately
  • Communicating & upholding boundaries in dating/ intimate partner relationships
  • Physical skills for self-defense in dangerous situations
Topic Options: Understanding, Maintaining & Respecting Mutual Boundaries
  • Setting & respecting other people’s boundaries & responding appropriately
  • Boundary setting with classmates
  • Boundary setting around social media & personal information
  • Boundary setting against peer pressure
  • Advocating on behalf of someone else who is uncomfortable
  • Travel safety training on public transportation
  • Personal boundary setting around ableism
  • Boundary setting & appropriately communicating wants/needs in dating relationships
  • Boundary setting & appropriately communicating wants/needs with parents & guardians
  • Boundary setting with professionals
  • Boundary setting in the workplace
Topic Options: Navigating Social Situations
  • Relationships & Appropriate Types of Touch
  • Social Environments & Appropriate Types of Touch
  • Effective & Healthy Communication
  • Making Healthy Decisions 
  • Safe, Uncomfortable & Unsafe Social Behaviors
  • Consent
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Managing Stress and Wellness
Topic Options: Online & Social Media Safety
  • Connecting with People on Social Media
  • Red Flags on Social Media
  • Consent on Social Media
  • Making Healthy Decisions on Social Media
  • Setting Boundaries on Social Media
  • Safety Against Scams
  • Online Dating Safety
  • Safety Against Cyberbullying & Harassment on Social Media
  • Privacy Settings on Social Media


For more information, contact:
Melissa Strout, Chief Integrity Officer
Phone: 781.388.4343
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Mike Perry, Triangle Abuse Prevention Operations Manager
Phone: 781.354.1125  
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Adriana Li, Triangle Abuse Prevention Operations Manager
Phone: 339.300.5300
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