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Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS)

What is PBS?

A systematic, person-centered approach to understanding the reasons for behavior and applying evidence-based practices for prevention, proactive intervention, teaching and responding to behavior, with the goal of achieving meaningful social outcomes, increasing learning and enhancing the quality of life across the lifespan. PBS is a three-tiered system that includes Universal Supports, Targeted Supports, and Intensive Supports, as defined in 115 CMR 5.14(5).

Framework of System-Wide PBS

Framework provides the ability to select, organize, and implement evidence-based practices. These practices include strategies based on principles of PBS and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Clearly defined outcomes, data-based decision making and problem-solving processes that support fidelity and durability. We use universal data collection systems that provide easy analysis for effective decision making.

We focus on environmental modifications and antecedent-based strategies and on setting up supported environments that are conducive to efficient teaching and learning to reduce the likelihood of challenging behavior from occurring.

Elements Required for Implementation

  • Leadership Team
  • PBS Action Plan
  • Universal Supports – Tier I
  • A system of data-based decision making for both individual treatment and system decisions

The PBS Triangle

PBS is conceptualized through the use of Triangle. The Triangle depicts 3 tiers that make up the framework of PBS. Supports within each tier vary depending on the type of supports needed for the individual as well as the level of oversight and analysis necessary for the individual’s team.

Overall the goal of Positive Behavioral Supports is to proactively reduce the likelihood of challenging behaviors through the use of environmental and behavioral modification. By utilizing a tiered system of support, each individual’s team can determine specific interventions and data collection systems for adequate review and analysis.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:
Melissa Strout, Chief Integrity Officer
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Phone: 781.388.4343

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