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The Powerful Impact of The Prism Program

Published by TJ Scalese on

Before joining Triangle, Inc’s. Prism Program, Cameron was faced with several obstacles and challenges that left him feeling “defeated.” He recently gave an honest, heartfelt, and touching speech to members of the program about his own personal journey, which gave us a glimpse into his newfound confidence, friendships, and self-discovery, thanks in part to the Prism Program.

2023 was a “heartbreaking and challenging” year for Cameron. He expressed that not getting into his college program of choice, his friends moving out of state, and being without a job led him to a hard place in life. He told listeners that was true until September 5th, 2023, his first day at Prism.

When he walked in that day, he didn’t “know what to expect or even if [he] would be liked by anyone.” However, the Prism community immediately welcomed him with a warm embrace and taught him to be comfortable in his own skin and that he can “be loved for just being [himself].” He talked about how his newfound friendships and new opportunities gave him “hope and a renewed confidence in [himself] and what [he] is capable of.”

The support from Prism helped Cameron overcome some of the obstacles in his life. Despite all the “heartbreak” he has experienced, he expressed with great pride that he “is still here!” This community has been the motor allowing him to push ahead, and he said that he is “standing here today more focused, more hungry, and more motivated” than ever. It was hard for him to find the words to say what Prism has truly meant to him, but he let us all know, with great heart, “thank you, I love you, and I am never going away.”

The Prism Program has not only provided Cameron, but all its members, a space to belong, to be welcomed, and to be loved. We are so excited to follow Cameron on his journey and will continue to support, encourage, and assist all our members.

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