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Women’s Equality Day: Advocating for the Rights of Women with Disabilities

Published by Kassi Soulard on

This is a special post written by Charles Warren, Curriculum Developer at Triangle. Charlie is also a member of Triangle’s Racial Equity Task Force. As part of our commitment to the work of our Racial Equity Task Force, we will be sharing more information with you on subjects related to racial equity and disability justice. This post continues our series dedicated to calling attention to the contributions of people with disabilities to American history.

Today is Women’s Equality Day, a day to celebrate the progress made towards gender equality, and the opportunity to highlight specific issues women with disabilities encounter in our society.  Women with disabilities are more likely to live in poverty, be unemployed, experience violence, and have less access to healthcare and education.  They are more likely to be discriminated against.  These challenges are the result of intersecting forms of discrimination, including sexism, ableism, and racism. Celebrating Women’s Equality Day means reaffirming our commitment to building an equitable future for every person. 

Here are some ways to advocate for the rights of women with disabilities, and help build that future together. 

  • Donate or volunteer with organizations that support women with disabilities.
  • Educate yourself about the challenges faced by women with disabilities.
  • Challenge stereotypes and assumptions about disability.
  • Speak up when you see discrimination against women with disabilities.

Together, we can create a more just and equitable world for all women. 

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