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EPIC Receives a Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation 2023 Local Impact Grant

Published by TJ Scalese on

We are excited to announce that Empowering People for Inclusive Communities (EPIC), an affiliate program of Triangle, Inc., recently received a Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation 2023 Local Impact Grant for the Greater Boston market. This grant will support EPIC’s goal of empowering young leaders with disabilities throughout their EPIC Journeys.

The Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation is granting nearly $2.5 million this year to several non-profits that are strengthening their local communities throughout the country. By winning this competitive grant, Triangle will receive $15,000.00 to support EPIC’s flagship program, EPIC Service Warriors, which gives young leaders with disabilities the skills they need to reach their goals of gainful employment, higher education, independent living, and to be active citizens in the community.

The EPIC Service Warrior Program is the only service-learning program in New England that works exclusively with youth with disabilities. Upon graduation from this program, each Service Warrior will have completed over 110 hours of community service, have their resume updated, will be registered or pre-registered to vote, and will have received training that focuses on employment, independent living, and leadership training as they transition into adulthood.

The Service Warrior Program has allowed EPIC to see personal growth in their youth throughout each service year. Every individual has their own personal goals, and this program allows them to achieve such goals. EPIC has seen fantastic results from this program and will continue to work with these youth leaders to make sure that everyone is getting the most out of this program as they possibly can.

Every single Service Warrior is working towards a huge milestone in their life. 92% of EPIC’s post-secondary school Warriors and Alumni are gainfully employed or enrolled in higher education, 50% of Service Warriors that are in post-secondary school have moved into their own apartment, 100% of eligible youth are registered to vote, and of that group, 85% voted in the last election.

The Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation’s 2023 Local Impact Grant will be crucial for our future success, growth, and development. EPIC and Triangle are grateful to the entire NBC Universal Team for selecting our program for this year’s program as it validates all of the hard work and dedication of our team and each of the Service Warriors.

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