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Meet the 2022 Spirit Award Winners!

Published by Kassi Soulard on

On Friday, September 16th, the Triangle community from all of our sites and programs came together for the first time in nearly three years at the 2022 Spirit Awards. This event celebrates our hardworking program participants, dedicated staff members, and community partners who have gone above and beyond. Joining the event were family members, community members, Malden Mayor Gary Christenson, and Malden Fire Chief Bill Sullivan. After opening remarks from Triangle’s CEO Coleman Nee, the crowd cheered loudly as each winner was announced and took the stage to accept their well-deserved award. After the ceremony, all guests enjoyed lunch, bowling, and games while spending time in each other’s company for the first time since 2019.

New this year, Triangle hosted the event at Town Line Luxury Lanes, who were gracious partners. Each and every day, Town Line’s staff are amazing champions of disability inclusion at their facility. They made sure every member of the Triangle community had a great time.

Participant winners included:

  • Alex from our Malden Day Services Program
  • Anthony from our Residential and Malden Day Services Programs
  • Kathleen from our Salem Day Services Program
  • Kyra from our Workforce Development Pre-ETS Program
  • Leo from our Randolph Day Services Program
  • Liam from our Residential Program
  • Nick from our Malden Day Services Program

Staff awards were presented to:

  • Jasmin Brown, Randolph Day Services Manager
  • Carolyn Calvin, Malden Day Services
  • Eseosasere Edoleyi, Residential House Manger
  • Andy Forges, IT Specialist, Triangle HQ
  • Raymond Lamothe, Residential Program
  • Bridget Little, Salem Day Service Manager
  • Clayton Smalley, Residential House Manager
  • Kassi Soulard, Associate Director, Advancement & Communications, Triangle HQ
  • Herbert Ssemirembe, Residential Program
  • Champa Thonglert, Salem Day Services & Residential Program

Triangle also recognized the following dedicated community partners:

  • Atlantic Vacation Homes, a group employment partner for our Salem Day Services Program
  • Home Depot, Reading, a group employment partner for our Malden Day Services Program
  • Malden Chamber of Commerce, a longtime supporter and partner to Triangle, Inc.
  • Natalia Mirabito, an independent artist, champion of disability inclusion, and supporter of Triangle, Inc.
  • Xavier Taylor, Imaginaction Studios, a tremendous volunteer and supporter of our Workforce Development Program
  • Anthony
  • Kat
  • Liam
  • Atlantic Vacation Homes
  • Malden Chamber of Commerce
  • Xavier Taylor
  • Andy
  • Bridget
  • Carolyn
  • Champa
  • Clay
  • Ese
  • Staff and participants bowling
  • Trio of Salem guys
  • Wayne

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