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World Autism Month

Published by Yuki Cheung on

World Autism Month is internationally recognized in April every year, encouraging everyone to raise awareness about people with autism spectrum disorder throughout the world. This year’s theme for World Autism Day is “Inclusive Quality Education for All.” The theme focuses on inclusive education that will further provide access to education for autistic persons.   

To coincide with World Autism Month, Triangle’s new Prism Program, based in Malden, launched with its soft opening phase, where members could begin to utilize services at the program. This program came about to meet a need within the local area to support high-functioning neurodivergent adults on the Autism Spectrum. After an extensive development process, the doors opened to new members who have thus far been able to socialize with new peers and become acclimated to the program.

As part of this extensive development, the Prism Program has been designed to support the various needs of members, be it those seeking work or on a collegiate pathway, or those who seek to make new connections and potential friendships. It has also been designed to provide a judgement-free zone where members’ personalities, life experiences, and accompanying interests can be embraced and celebrated. Most importantly, the program is designed in a way that can be flexible and individualized to each member to support them in the best way possible while also utilizing their ongoing feedback to continue to shape daily programming and future events.

This month recognizes the rights of people with autism and the resilience of those affected by the disorder. Triangle’s new Prism Program has been supporting the various needs of the community and will continue to do so in the coming future.

Click here to learn more about the Prism Program.

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