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Triangle Legislative Update

Published by Zoe Campbell on

On Tuesday, March 9th, Triangle hosted an update for members of our state legislative delegation. Attendees included Senator Jason Lewis, Senator Sal DiDomenico, Representative Dan Ryan, Senator Joan Lovely, Representative Paul Donato, and delegates from the offices of Representative Steven Ultrino and Senator Walter Timilty. The team at Triangle highlighted the changes in programming since our previous legislative update, which was in May of 2020, along with information about our vaccination efforts and the organization’s priorities going forward in 2021.

Triangle’s CEO Coleman Nee shared that Triangle served nearly 4,000 individuals in the 2019-2020 program year and created 295 paid job opportunities in the community, even with a quarter of the year being lost to the pandemic. Janice Philpot, Triangle’s Director of Workforce Development, discussed the hard work that her team has been doing over the past year, including the opening of two new testing centers in Malden and Salem. Triangle’s Chief Program Officer Drew Warren shared the update that 100% of individuals living in DDS-supported Triangle homes have now received both doses of the vaccine.

Triangle’s work in continuing to place individuals in competitive jobs, despite the challenging economic circumstances of last year was commended by the delegation.

Moving forward, Triangle looks to continue to be a leader in our space. Senator Joan Lovely added that she is “grateful for the relationship building and trust that Triangle has provided for parents and individuals.” We look forward to continuing our hard work for the next year and beyond!

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