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For 49 years, we’ve been walking together toward a brighter future. Welcome to Triangle, Inc.!

Residential Homes

For 46 years, Triangle, Inc. has provided the opportunity for people with disabilities to reside in one of our ten residential homes on the North Shore and in Metro North Boston. The people we support love pursuing their hobbies, participating in community service, and connecting with their neighbors. We currently serve 43 residents, but our goal is to increase that number by opening at least one new residential home each year.

Our residential homes are located in Beverly, Danvers, Malden, Reading, and Saugus. Thanks to the commitment of our residential staff, we are able to provide care that enables our residents to establish independence and lead a high quality of life.

Interested in finding a home? Open this fact sheet to learn more about our group residential homes.

map of our residential homes

Triangle Inc. is a registered Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization.